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Make a move and support my Dance For Sick Kids!

When a child is injured, or diagnosed with a serious illness, it affects the whole family. Lives can be turned upside down, and it puts families under enormous pressure. For many families, it can feel like it’s impossible to hold it together.

That’s why I’m joining Ronald McDonald House Charities to Dance For Sick Kids this year.

I’ll be making a move every day for 7 days, to raise money that will help families stay in a home-away-from-home, access emotional and financial support, and more. From day one in the hospital and for as long as it takes,  your help ensures that families don’t have to navigate the challenges of illness or injury alone.

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to my challenge. Your generosity will make sure that Ronald McDonald House Charities can support even more families with a seriously ill or injured child when they need it most.

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So it begins

Wednesday 25th May
Today I started the 7 day challenge. Had the pleasure of finally getting back into a Zumba class tonight and joined by my Zumba buddy Susan. Cielo’s classes are awesome, so upbeat, fun and some awesome tracks and dance moves. Followed it up with some samba training.

Haven’t quite figured out how to post up vids on here yet, but probably not such a bad thing considering my peak energy levels are not there yet. But I will keep to this challenge and dance for sick kids. 

Thank you to my supporters on this page, I’m also dancing for you! 😘😘

Moving start date

Tuesday 24th May
To my amazing supporters,

First of all, thank you so much for your generous donations. It will definitely be well received by a sick child in need of support. 

As some of you may know, I have been out of action the last couple of weeks as my little man tested positive for covid and then shortly after, hubby and I tested positive. Thankfully we are on the road to recovery.

I tried to start this challenge yesterday but unfortunately still not 100%, this cough is lingering. So I am pushing the start date of this challenge out a bit. I will still do the 7 day challenge, hopefully kick start it in the next few days. I will post when that date starts. 

Again, thank you so much for your support. I’m going to smash this challenge ASAP! 

Thanks to all the generous people who’ve donated to my challenge.


Valerie Li

Dear Jax, Your generosity and heart to help others is one of the reasons why we all love you! Great work and thank you on behalf of the kids!


Karla De Oliveira


Carolyn Rhodes


Portia Manco

Amazing Jax, good on you for raising for a great cause! Wishing you all the best in smashing your donation goal.


Rob Petterson


Sandy See

❤️❤️❤️ I love your energy and great cause! Rooting for you!



Great cause, thank you Jacks!


Paula Orlando

You are amazing and thrilled to support you


Susan McKay

Awesome cause Jax. I know you’ll do it!!!


Cynrhia Ong

Way to go Jackie!!!


Linda Barnhill

You Go Go girl! Love that you are doing this.



Go Jax! Such a wonderful cause that's so close to your heart! You're a superstar. Love The Forresters


Jackie Pavlovic


Jessie Zhang

Go Jax!!! Great cause and would love to see the amazing outfits you'll be flaunting in!


Tom Pavlovic

Great cause Jax


Angela Do


Jennifer Oringo

Awesome Jackpot! Do what you do best - luv ya!


The Punzalans

A great cause Jax, keep on dancing!


Bec Wong



Go girl!! Samba for those little angels xx


Stephanie Wood

Wow! shake that groove thing! As a non (very non) dancer myself all kudos to those that can!


Emily Weng

GOO JACQUE!!! Great cause and keep dancing away~

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At just 11 years old, Anunta was 100km from home, and learned that the cyst on her ankle was, in fact, a cancerous sarcoma. 

With no clothes, and nowhere to stay, Anunta’s parents, Doungnead and Anthony, didn’t know what to do. 

Thankfully, Ronald McDonald House Charities were able to provide a room for the family. When Anunta started chemotherapy, Doungnead was able to provide a taste of home, cooking fresh meals in their own little kitchen while the family focussed all their attention on her treatment.

“Being in a place where everyone cares about you, and is there for you, was so special. It became our second home” Anunta's Mum, Doungnead

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How Your Donation Helps

A global research team* worked with RMHC to evaluate the impact of our House Program on families around the world. The following is a summary of those findings**.

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* The global team of researchers was drawn from leading universities, including the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), George Washington University, the University of Chicago, as well as from top medical centres in Hong Kong; Sydney, Australia; the United Kingdom; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cincinnati, U.S.; and Toronto, Canada.

** Findings taken from RMHC Impact Research – the name for a suite of studies on the impact of RMHC around the world. The summaries provided here provide a snapshot of the findings from each of the key Ronald McDonald House Impact studies.


If you have any questions about Dance for Sick Kids or need a hand with anything, please reach out. We're here to help!