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I am Dancing for Sick Kids!

This May, I will be Dancing for Sick Kids!

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All funds raised will help seriously ill or injured children and their families by providing a home-away-from-home at Ronald McDonald House, whilst they receive critical care and treatment.

On average, it costs Ronald McDonald House Charities $160 to support a family for one night, so please give what you can, every dollar counts. 

Thank you for helping me make a difference!

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Team name change because Charlie and Cooper love each other

Friday 30th Apr
Charlie has a best mate staying at RMH and they have had a chance to hang out a lot while we are here. So this team really needs to be about the two of them. 

For those who don’t know Cooper these are his mum’s words from November: 

I’ve wondered for the last few months wether or not to share this, wether it’s to invasive of Coopers privacy or simply if it would just fuel unwanted attention but as time goes on and as our lives change so rapidly I feel that it’s only fair to everyone who genuinely cares and that I just can’t always respond to. 

Recently Cooper was diagnosed with a incredibly rare heart disease called Pulmonary Hypertension. It occurs in every 1-2 million people worldwide. Cooper is already at the severe stage of the disease and is in a high risk category. There is no cure.

Up until a few days ago Coopers hypertension was classed as idiopathic, simply meaning that there was no medical explanation as to why it happened. Last Friday Nathan and myself sat down with our geneticist who discovered that Cooper has a genetic mutation responsible for the onset of the pulmonary hypertension. Cooper is the 4th child in the world to have this genetic mutation. If having a rare disease wasn’t already enough to comprehend adding that really left us speechless. 

The nature of the disease is progressive and all we can do is make him comfortable and happy. Most days his unable to leave bed. The simple tasks like showering exhaust him. He cant go further than around our house without a wheelchair, he can’t breathe without constant oxygen. Nothing in life will ever prepare you for watching your child deteriorate in front of your eyes, there is no parenting book that tells you what to do when you sit in a hospital room being told by some of the best in their field that they can’t save your child’s life. Please remember even on the hardest of days. Hold your children tight because you never know when your whole world will come crashing down around you.

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After watching you and Charlie dancing ... how can one refuse? xxxxx

I'm dancing for seriously ill children like Emily.

At just four years old Emily was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer and a life-threatening brain tumor. Since then her family has spent 149 nights (and counting) at Ronald McDonald House.

"I think sometimes, as parents, we focus on our sick child who needs the help the most, but we all need help. So that is something I love about the (Ronald McDonald) House, is that we can be together through the journey"

– Jono, Emily's Dad

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A global research team* worked with RMHC to evaluate the impact of our House Program on families around the world. The following is a summary of those findings**.

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* The global team of researchers was drawn from leading universities, including the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), George Washington University, the University of Chicago, as well as from top medical centres in Hong Kong; Sydney, Australia; the United Kingdom; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cincinnati, U.S.; and Toronto, Canada.

** Findings taken from RMHC Impact Research – the name for a suite of studies on the impact of RMHC around the world. The summaries provided here provide a snapshot of the findings from each of the key Ronald McDonald House Impact studies.

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