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I am Dancing for Sick Kids!

Hi there! My name is Amelia, I'm 11 years young and I love to express myself through the art of dance.  

Dancing has been a huge part of my life since I was young, and although it’s my passion, it’s not the only reason as to why I've decided to choose DFSK as my charity of choice.

At the early age of only 3 days old, my parents were told that I was born deaf. Now I wasn’t profoundly deaf, but my hearing loss was severe enough that if you were to say “Do you exercise?” from across the room, I would most like reply “Yes! I’d love some fries! ” - You can only imagine the kind of conversations I have with my friends haha! 

Despite starting my hearing intervention from very early on, I still struggled to communicate until I was about 3 years old and as exampled above, I still do up until this day - but in saying that, I guess those little mishaps make people see me as this quirky personality little being that I am! 

My hearing loss, although it may be a struggle at times, hasn’t taken away the normality of a growing 11 year old girl. I mean - yes I have many lost in translation moments, and yes, sometimes I miss certain verbal cues, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing what you’re average young girl would do, and people are generally surprised or even forget that I have a disability! 

Now it’s not only my journey that has given me the drive to go along with DFSK, but it’s also my little brother Max (9) - who to our welcoming surprise, was thankfully born with perfect hearing - Mum had his hearing checked 3 TIMES to be sure!!  

Life seemed normal, and Max was the perfect addition to our family, until he turned about 18 months old, and my parents noticed that their loud and funny little guy had suddenly lost his voice, and very quickly over a period of months, he regressed and withdrew into his own silent world.   

We lost Max to his little world for almost 2 years, and during that period, mum & dad did everything from the speech therapy to OT to the slightly unconventional - and whatever it was, something finally stuck - it worked! - and Max miraculously ‘came back’ to us.  

Now at the ripe age of 9, Max is known as my fun loving, silly little brother who just can’t stop talking! - A bit like me really - But we wouldn’t have him or us any other way - I guess you could say, yeah, we’re a very noisy family!! 

The point of my story is that even though both myself or my brother never had to stay in hospital over any length of time, we had a team of special people that looked after us in their own special way.  

These people became close to us, they became what my Mum calls “Our inner circle” and their our own little support system that have been with us right from the beginning.  

They were my parent’s go to at a time when everything was just bleak. They were there for my parents when they needed that backup and to stop those moments of being stuck in the gloomy world of the unknown that parents dread to be near or in. They were there from the day that it was confirmed that I was hearing impaired, and they were there by my parents side during the time were they were told that there was always the possibility I could go profoundly deaf in the future. They were there in the time that Max was formally diagnosed with autism, they were there through all the tough times, and they still are here with us today, helping with all of those learning curve moments.  

The people are still with me today, I now see more as family friends. They join us in celebrating little wins like when I graduated from early intervention to a mainstream school or even things or events like participating in the school swimming carnival. They are always there for me, and this time, it’s my turn to be there for them, in supporting the kids that I was and am, for the people who have helped me, my brother and my parents, have the life that I do now.  

My name is Amelia Kroehnert, I am 11 years old, and I am proudly dancing for Dance For Sick Kids.  

Please join me in my journey to help those who need it most!

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Wei, Ollie & Jensen

Good Job Amelia.



My dearest Amelia, for a 11 years young person, you have an old soul. I am so proud of you and how much you have achieved. I love the our journey together and the adventures you have taken me. :) Love, always and forever, mum


Chris & Viyve Mah

We are super proud of you. Love, Uncle Chris & Aunty Viyve


Angie Kroehnert

Love Max


Uncle Nick & Family

Very proud of you.


Mum & Dad

Love your work kiddo!



Amazing Story - well done!


Kipling's Garage Bar

Go Amelia!


Granell Plumbing

Great work for a great cause. Well done Amelia!




Generous Corporate Partners

Matched Donation


Generous Corporate Partners

Matched Donation


Comsol (faith Hedley)


Robert Kroehnert

Great work!! 👏


Bright Light Contracting

Well done!!! A great cause :)


Nick And Juliet Andrews

Sorry we're a bit late. Keep on dancing sweetie!!!!


Australian Dance Festival

Love your story Amelia. Your family is amazing and so are you!


Nick & Juliet Andrews

Might as well make it a round number!!!


Sarah Tay

Hi Amelia! Good job for raising this much! Keep up the good work! 👍🏻


Sew Lee

You are so amazing and beautiful with a golden compassionate kind heart ❤️


Faith Hedley

Well done Amelia ❤️


Dimitra Hatziplis

Great work Amelia!


Lee Elhage

Well done Amelia!!


See Ring

Amelia, your heart is as beautiful as your luminous smile. And your super effort for a good cause shows what an amazing person you are, You are an inspiration to all.



Amelia, well done!



Great work Amelia!


Mariana Zafirellis

Gods much Amelia..


Rose Yeung

You are small child with a big heart May God bless you and your family


Tricia Stamoulos

Goooo my little pocket rocket... keep spreading the love of dance 🥰❤️


Emma S


Lydia Georgeopoulos

So happy to be supporting you in this amazing cause!


Robert Kennedy’

Amelia. Well done and congratulations on growing up to be such a wonderful person and an inspiration


Andrea D'cruz


Max Liebhold

Great work Amelia 🌟


Shelley Diamond


Steven Simpson

Congratulations and Well Done Amelia!


Javiero Vella

Amelia , such a great cause for an amazing charity, great job


Rebecca Connors



Eliza Lai

Your grandma Elaine n her friends so proud of you Amelia. Keep up d good work. Yay!


Rhonda K

So very proud of you Amelia for being part of this great cause.


Ian Mclean

Glad to help out! Keep up the great work.


Light Chiropractic And Wellnesa

Congratulations on your fundraising efforts Amelia and family. You are an inspiration young lady I’m so many ways.


Ll And Sean Yuen

Amazing dancing Amelia! Great cause!


Terry Meskin

Such a worthy cause! Keep dancing.


Pam Henry

Very proud of you and always love to watch you dance..


Matthew Gode

Proud of you!


Clark & Angie Chui

Keep up the good work Amelia!!!


Elizabeth Hew


Cameron, Annie & Chris

Amelia, Excellent work


Jenny Li

Dear Amelia, not only you do beautiful dances, you also have a beautiful heart! We love your loving and strong spirit. Xx


Viv W

Great cause, well done Amelia


Yee Fong (yvonne) Lee

Well done Amelia. Keep up with your good work. We are very proud of you.


Kim L

Great job, Amelia.



Fantastic work 👏🏼

I'm dancing for seriously ill children like Emily.

At just four years old Emily was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer and a life-threatening brain tumor. Since then her family has spent 149 nights (and counting) at Ronald McDonald House.

"I think sometimes, as parents, we focus on our sick child who needs the help the most, but we all need help. So that is something I love about the (Ronald McDonald) House, is that we can be together through the journey"

– Jono, Emily's Dad

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