Dancing with your Workplace

Connecting with your staff and colleagues, keeping them active and building team morale is so easy to do when you sign up to Dance for Sick Kids.

It’s a fun, interactive, feel good virtual event which your whole team can be involved in from the comfort of their homes.

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Choose your virtual dance challenge and create a Team fundraising page. Then send your Team page to get your staff and colleagues to join in the fun!

Get Your Team Dancing!

Dance each day during your chosen period of time! To make it easy, we'll give you exclusive access to virtual dance classes or do your own thing and dance your way!

Support Sick Kids

The funds you raise will ensure seriously ill children and their families will have a home-away-from-home whilst undergoing life saving treatment.

We're in, what next?

Simply sign up and create a team. Then send your team page link to your colleagues asking them to join. Together, dance your way to a team goal to support seriously ill children and their families. 

We will keep your team dancing with access to virtual dance classes and to make it easy we have created an easy Dance for Sick Kids Corporate Challenge! Download here.

You might get your Team to learn the same dance, or nominate a judging panel for the best dance. You can dance at different times or  all get together via zoom a dance party. 

And if dancing isn't your thing, choose to take on your own daily challenge!

Sign up today!

Let's dance!

How much dancing will you take on each day?

Baby Steps

30 mins a day

Ease into it. Dance on your lunch break and get your favourite Tik Tok dance down pat!

Groove and Move

60 mins a day

Try 15 mins when you wake up and a 45 minute dance party each evening. Get your playlists ready!

Dancing Queen

120 mins a day

You are serious about making a difference for sick kids. Find a routine you want to learn or have fun and freestyle!

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If we are in isolation, how will I dance with my team?

Good question, and thanks for keeping people safe by staying home. There are a number of ways to dance with your team from the comfort of your own homes, including Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, most video call apps have group functions these days. Click through to download our Team Tips.

Do I have to choose one of the options for the amount of time I dance each day?

Nope. When you register there's an option to 'Choose your own challenge'. Choose whatever you are comfortable with! If that's 15 mins a day, great! As long as you are safe and having fun there's no worries. For the keen dancers out there you might want to set yourself a bigger challenge with a dance marathon!

I have two left feet & can’t dance. Can I participate some other way?

Thank you for being amazing and really wanting to help seriously ill children! We understand dancing is not for everyone, so of course! Dance is all about having fun and getting moving. So why not pledge to be active in another way for that amount of time, run, walk, swim (maybe at least finish it off with the Macarena). When you register, there is an option to 'Choose your own challenge'. Remember to update your bio to let your supporters know what you're getting up to!

Want to know how you will be helping sick kids?

Ronald McDonald House Charites GWS is built on the simple idea that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on the health of their child – not where they can afford to stay, where they will get their next meal or where they will lay their head to rest at night.

Watch this video to meet some of the families you are supporting by joining Dance for Sick Kids.

Connect with us @danceforsickkids #danceforsickkids #keepingfamiliesclose